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Did Democrat Majority Decide Doug Ley is Too Stupid to be Found Guilty of Ethics Violations?

Beware of Doug

In keeping with New Hampshire House Democrat ‘discipline’ of House Democrats, Majority Leader Douglas Ley just walked away from a significant ethics violation without a scratch.

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For background, Ley is the President of the American Federation of Teachers in New Hampshire (AFT-NH). The union president. Who, as an elected representative, did not recuse himself on debate, discussion, votes in committee, or floor votes on legislation related to public education.

It’s a huge ethics violation. Ley should have been reprimanded and removed from house leadership. Even made to resign his House seat. House rules and state laws were broken.  

But the Democrat majority ethics committee let him off the hook.


Based on this Tweet the committee claims he did not do it willfully. How is that even possible? How does the president of a union, a teacher’s union, who is not just an elected political official but a House Majority Leader, not know that he should not vote on legislation related to his business as Union President?

He must be a moron. There’s no other legal explanation. Douglas Ley must lack the intellectual capacity to understand what a conflict of interest was until the ethics committee explained it to him. Did they use big words or pictures drawn out on manila sheets with giant crayons (so, he didn’t accidentally swallow one)?

Whatever it was it appears to have worked.  Ley admits that this benevolent act of forgiveness requires that he agree not to break the law moving forward. An admission that he broke the law before and suffered no consequence.

This means that the explanation has nothing to do with what is legal or makes sense. Doug Ley ain’t no dummy. The majority party let Doug Ley walk away without a scratch because the Democrats are corrupt partisans who overreact to Republican behavior and soft sell or ignore Democrat behavior.

Are you paying attention, people of New Hampshire? Because this is precisely how every Democrat Socialist government operates! They are above the law. You are beneath their boot.

Remove them from public office at the next available election or get used to it. They will not police themselves!