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Democrat Chairman Calls GOP Mentally Ill, Press Yawns


Paranoia is a symptom of various mental illness, such as psychosis.

So we have the Chairman of the New Hampshire Democrat Party calling the other party mentally ill.

And the reaction of the New Hampshire press? Essentially, a yawn.

But can you imagine the reaction if the Chairman of the New Hampshire GOP called people attending a Planned Parenthood rally paranoid? The press would be besides themselves, demanding that every elected GOP official condemn the GOP Chairman and call for his or her immediate resignation.

There is a totally different standard for Buckley, obviously. One reason is that this -hurling outrageous insults- is normal for Buckley. The other reason -the far bigger reason- is that the press in New Hampshire support Buckley’s political agenda. So they are willing to let him get away with behavior they would instantly jump on the GOP for.

Buckley’s tweet is not only insulting and rude. It is stupid.

Paranoia involves believing things that are unsupported by any facts and believing things even when there are facts contradicting the belief.

So according to Buckley, there is no reason why GOP Reps should believe they need to bear arms for self defense while the House is in session. Has Buckley really never heard of Steve Scalise:

Hodgkinson obviously believed the Democrats’ over-the-top rhetoric about the GOP efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Know who else is known to engage in over-the-top rhetoric? Ray Buckley.