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Deafening Silence Over Biden’s Vax Mandate from the #MyBodyMyChoice Crowd

Our Bodies Our Choice

As you all know by now, Joe Biden issued a new “plan” to combat COVID that the White House claims will be a “path out of the pandemic.” The plan mandates all PRIVATE businesses with 100 or more employees require their employees be vaccinated or subjected to weekly tests.

If a private business does not comply, they will be extorted fined $14,000 per violation.  

All federal workers and contractors are mandated to be vaccinated, and any healthcare workers who work with Medicare or Medicaid patients also must be vaccinated.

The federal government can’t directly mandate all Americans get vaxxed, so they are using 3rd parties to push their mandates, OR ELSE.

Strangely, the women on the left, who scream and shout MY BODY MY CHOICE on a regular basis when discussing women’s healthcare, or more specifically, abortion, are SILENT.

Let’s start with the “MIA” VP of the U.S., Kamala Harris. No commentary is even necessary here:

Now we’ll see what the female New Hampshire delegation has to say about “women’s rights and healthcare choices,” starting with Hassan (DON’T FORGET – she’s up for re-election in 2022). Hassan has said NOTHING about Biden’s “attack on women’s health and economic freedom”:

And next up, we have Jeanne Shaheen who also hasn’t said a damn thing about Biden “waging an all-out assault on women’s health.” Apparently, she’s completely fine with Biden stripping “women’s rights” away:

Let’s not forget New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District troll, Annie Kuster, who hasn’t done anything to stand up “for the rights of individuals to make their own personal health decisions” when it comes to Biden’s mandates:

These women are nothing but charlatans when it comes to standing up for women’s rights, especially when it comes to our healthcare decisions. They are puppets of their Democrat Party masters and care little about their actual constituents across the country or in the Granite State.