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Does It Make Sense to Quarantine the Well?

Why Does It Make Sense to Quarantine the Well?

New Hampshire does not seem to be asking itself the obvious question: Why does it make sense to quarantine the well? And emergency room doctors are being pressured to add coronavirus to death reports: Why is that? Is it in order to make the disease look worse than it really is?

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Are we following the science?

Do we need to shelter in place? Emphatically, no, we do not. Do we need businesses to be shut down? Again, emphatically not. Do we need testing? Do we need to get back to work? Yes. Does the shelter in place order make sense? Are we following science?

Science is the study of the natural world through observation and experimentation. The patient volumes have dropped significantly. Most ICU’s are essentially empty. Treatment of non-life threatening cases is not happening. Patients, doctors, and staff are being sent home. The health system has been shut down save for coronavirus and life-threatening emergencies.

Perhaps in NYC, the system may be working at maximum capacity. But locally, in New Hampshire, that is certainly not the case. A byproduct of this in the places where there is no work because of this voluntary shutdown is a focus on coronavirus. That’s where the money is… That is where the governmental relief dollars will flow. Why does it make sense to quarantine the well?

What other health outcomes are being impacted?

People with heart disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases of aging are not coming in based on fear. This requires the health system to focus on coronavirus to the detriment of all other activities. Not focusing on all of the other things is normally does have a negative outcome. What is happening is driven by fear. What if I get the coronavirus?

Well, maybe this is a political statement. Maybe this isn’t a rational response to the disease we are seeing. The effect is that the elderly population is not getting the care that normally they would. That may be the result of fear or due to political decision making. It really makes no difference.

The result is more deaths and earlier deaths in eldercare. Who benefits by accelerating deaths in older voters? Is there a difference between the parties in benefit from the result? This certainly fits with the eugenic approach of the Democrat party. Why does it make sense to quarantine the well?

Fear-based response is not good science, not good public policy

How have we responded as a nation to coronavirus? Base on fear we decided to shut down travel to and from China. Maybe this was a good idea in the absence of facts. We made a decision to keep people at home and isolate them. But typically what happens is the sick are quarantined. It has never happened before that we quarantined the healthy.

What we have now done is to take the healthy and lock them in their home. Was that a medical necessity? Does the study of immunology and microbiology mesh with the political actions taken? Over the last few months, we now have a lot of data. Does that data support the continued closure of the New Hampshire economy?

Does the data support continuing locking the general population in place?

Without a cogent presentation of evidence in support of this unprecedented usurpation of civil liberties, these restrictions should end immediately.