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Decision Making in New Hampshire

New Hampshire

The government, through its actions, is doing far more harm to us, than can be rationalized. This does not say the people in government did not have good intentions. But the harm done is real. It is unquestionable.

Winners and losers

We are beginning to feel the very real economic impacts. Businesses are closed and closing. The government, through its business death panel, is picking winners and losers. That is wrong. It is unfair. It cannot be made fair. Are we a free state, in a free country with a free economy? We used to be. Today clearly that is no longer true.

You don’t believe that… Which ski areas had to close? Which ski areas were allowed to remain open? Why was that? Were liquor stores allowed to stay open? Are they really essential? How about lottery tickets? Have they continued to be available? There is a message here. What really is essential? What is your government telling you is essential? Actions speak louder than words.

You have government-controlled access to healthcare

You still don’t believe that… Governmental control affects our healthcare delivery system. Nearly half of the healthcare workers are laid off. In a “pandemic” … while the contagion is in the population, we have laid off nearly half of the people involved in delivering healthcare. Does that make sense? Actions tell us what we need to know.

Why did we take that action? We laid off healthcare workers because the government required it. It determined, in its best judgment, that the capacity of the healthcare system to care for those with coronavirus would be overwhelmed. To create capacity it stopped all “non-essential healthcare. That means… there was no funding to pay healthcare workers involved in chronic disease care.

Did the government convert those now available healthcare providers to service in coronavirus treatment? NO. It did not. It laid them off and sent them home. We may or may not agree this was good decision making. It is what we did.

Are more people dying from coronavirus or denial of access to healthcare?

Has our response to coronavirus caused people to die sooner? Probably. Will the collateral deaths from other causes be attributed is some way to coronavirus? Probably. You see, healthcare providers work for the government, not the patient. It is in their best interest to attribute as much as possible to coronavirus. Why is that?

Because that is what the government is funding… coronavirus. Attribute something to coronavirus and money flows. Those still working are going to deliver to the government bureaucrats the answers the bureaucrats want to hear. That is because their paychecks depend on it. The government has stolen your healthcare system. And they are destroying it.

It is no longer your doctor. It is the government’s healthcare provider. You cannot go to be seen when you think it is needed. They will allow you access to the healthcare system when it is convenient to their staffing and willingness to provide service. There is no doctor-patient relationship. It is gone… Actions speak louder than words.

Business death panel

But let’s get back to the New Hampshire business death panels. You should be outraged this is going on. The governor has convened a business death panel of the politically connected. They will use the best decision making of the Department of Health and Human Services to allow re-opening of select economic entities. That is the definition of picking winners and losers.

Know somebody on the committee? You are going to find out if you are their friend or not. They hold the livelihoods of the people who own businesses and those who work for businesses in their hands. The question is why is it more hygienic to ski at Gunstock or Waterville Valley than at Mittersill or Ragged Mountain?

Why are there restrictions on opening all businesses and allowing competition? Why are restaurants only allowed to do take out service? Not all are set up to perform the function. Not all have sufficient name recognition to draw sufficient clientele to make the effort economic. Why should the government pick economic winners and losers? Actions speak louder than words.

It true from healthcare to hospitality

The New Hampshire decision in place is clearly favoring large chain fast food. They are killing small mom and pop dine-in establishments. The excuse given isn’t reasoned, or reasonable or consistent. We are not applying the rules of social distancing at either business. We should be doing so at both. Actions speak louder than words.

The cure is worse than the disease

There is no reason to leave the emergency declaration in place. The disease has not proven to be a huge deal. The suspension of our civil liberties and economic freedom is not justified. We have been under this emergency declaration for more than six weeks now.

Are deaths in New Hampshire higher than they were in prior years? NO. Has the medical system been overwhelmed? NO. Is there great economic harm being done to the state? YES.

Excellency, it is time to Let My People Go. Don’t make us go Patrick Henry on you. Lift the emergency declaration in New Hampshire. Do it now. Stop hiding under your bed. Man up. Do the right thing. Err on the side of freedom.