If You Like the Founding Fathers You're a “Dead Ender.” - Granite Grok

If You Like the Founding Fathers You’re a “Dead Ender.”

If It Ain't Broke

The media are calling those who like the founding fathers “Dead Enders.”  There is power in political name-calling. About 70 years ago America went through the Red Scare. People lost their careers for joining the wrong group.

They lost much for attending the wrong rally or for having the wrong beliefs. Lives were left in ruins. Blacklists were in use to keep people in fear.

It is hard to believe a time would come again when Americans could be marginalized. Leftists today are threatening the livelihoods of other Americans just for taking a political stand. And here we are again. Today in America you can’t be a Trump conservative. That’s not possible without the left calling your sanity into question.

But Trump has consistently and effectively put into words the values and beliefs his followers hold. The thing is they held them long before Trump was on the scene. He hasn’t always been able to effectuate those values in policy changes but his followers are willing to forgive him for his failures. He is like his followers; he too has been the victim of cultural and political elites who despise him.

What created Trump?

He has become the political embodiment of heartland American values. He now grasps free speech, law and order, good jobs, secure borders, equality. Trump is a creation of necessity. His genius was recognizing the spirit of the times and riding it into the White House.

There is a marriage between Trump’s dynamism and the remains of the Tea Party movement. There was never any doubt. No one but Donald Trump could galvanize the untapped potential of the forgotten men and women of America. His job, which he relishes, is to overthrow the corrupt governing system. That was his task, drain “the Swamp.”

He did not get it done. The Swamp was bigger and dirtier than anyone suspected. Fortunately, the Swamp hasn’t won completely. It has not vanquished Trump. It has not convinced the Deplorables to go away and hide.

He’s a fighter. He doesn’t just curl up and surrender. He’s not like Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell, Ben Sasse and Nikki Haley. No one else has fought like hell for the country I grew up in, the country I believe in, and the country my forefathers died for.

Putting the pants on one leg at a time

Trump is not perfect; neither am I. He damn sure didn’t have to hypnotize, manipulate or mislead me to get me on his side. Let’s be clear “Make America Great Again” rings true. It just feels right. It may not be a catchy European catchphrase like “Build Back Better.” But then again there was no reason to destroy America.

We like it just fine the way it is. There has never been a nation, or a system of human interaction which has created more freedom, more wealth or raised more people out of poverty. Not bad for a bunch of “Dead Enders.”