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Occasional Overnight Thread Monday Meme Storm

No symtoms but that's a symptom

Vaccine Fever (or fevers caused by vaccines) is all the rage (virus?) and the funny thing about that is a lot of doctors and medical professionals are saying it’s not even a vaccine. We’ll stick with The Jab™ and we’ll also continue poking fun at people about the whole deal.

This time around we’ve got a few funny or ironic memes with one exception. The CDC’s weekly COVID hospitalizations matrix tells us something contrary to the crazy fearmongering-media headlines.

To quote Peter Strozk, there’s no there, there.

And I’m including it because it is the CDC and by default fits the definition of a meme. Not much from them is anything but amusing (in a bad way) and all politics in lab coats.

If you look at this chart, their chart, you can see the hospitalizations per 100,000 (assuming even this can be believed).


CDC hospitalizations per 100k


That’s 0.008% of the population over 65. It’s all downhill (in a good way) from there. We should expect some hockey-sticking any day – the science must, after all, catch up to the media so adjustments are in process, most likely.

And now that you’ve had a good laugh, let’s see what else we’ve curated for you this evening.

We’ve some virus business and a bit of media harassment and the United Steaks.

You are, of course, expected to add your own in the comments.




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CHina known for coronavirus


No symtoms but that's a symptom


And for no other reason than because I feel like it…the United Steaks of America.

United Steaks of America