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Odds N’ Ends: This Nation Will Not Survive Crazy, Politically Correct Ideas

Yes, it can get worse, and with Biden being danced like a puppet by the extreme left we can pretty much count on it. Everyone is blaming Biden, but come on. He’s only doing what he’s told to do, not that he wouldn’t even if he had the presence of mind (like before he became …

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Rise of the moors tweet pic

Terrorists in Massachusetts

Eleven members of the “Rise of the Moors,” an armed Islamic fundamentalist group from Rhode Island, held off MA. State police along Rt.95 in Wakefield.  They were traveling to Maine for “training” and not only illegally armed but had no driver’s licenses.

Israel Flag

Israel Has the Right to Defend Itself

Self-defense is the right of every individual, group, or nation. The inveterate belligerent Hamas cannot expect Israel to refrain from retaliation when it lobs barrage after barrage of rockets at Israeli populations.

Hamas Rockets from Gaza head toward Israel

American ‘Palestinians’ Urged to Kill All Jews

US House Rep Rashida Tlaib, among others, have been sent a message. Fathi Hamma, a high ranking Hamas official, has sent a message to Palestinians across the globe. “We must attack every Jew on the globe by way of slaughter and killing.”

Why Is Remembering Important?

September 11 Do you Remember?

Today is September 11 do you remember? Looking at what is going on today with the Leftist-Islamist Coalition, there is serious reason for concern. They have power, financial backing, and representation in Congress. They seek to normalize defending terrorists and the financiers in the name of “Human Rights.” When you see “The Squad” make the …

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CAIR, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood

CAIR, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood… Common Ideology

CAIR, Hamas and the Muslim brotherhood, is there a relationship? Do you believe most major Islamic organizations in North America and Western Europe are offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan)? Do you know who the Muslim Brotherhood is and what its goals are? Hamas is a Palestinian organization. Did you know that by its own admission, …

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Urgent Versus Important

Fauxcahauntus Friends

American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) has been active in recent anti-Israel demonstrations. It is also active in campaigns in the United States alongside other far-left and pro-Palestinian groups. In 2017, AMP began organizing with IfNotNow (INN). INN is a group that regularly accuses Israel of crimes in the Palestinian territories. Max Berger is a cofounder …

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