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Deadly force situation

Where are the Police? Crime is up People are Unhappy.

Where are the Police? That is the question of the hour in Minneapolis. The city has made itself an object lesson in Democrat leadership or lack thereof. Minneapolis is the home of the late George Floyd. After his death the all Democrat Minneapolis City Council went on the political offensive.

Four Ways to Spend Money on Education

As we consider just what we’ll be getting from our schools this fall, and what we’ll be paying for that, we should remind ourselves now of just why we’re all going to feel so disappointed later. 

GoGovernMe Uncle Sam, Hat in hand


Recently, Reason published an article based on this analogy: ‘If a Walmart doesn’t reopen, families can take their food stamps elsewhere. If a school doesn’t reopen, families should similarly be able to take their education dollars elsewhere.’

No Police No Problem

No Police No Problem … Really?

No shirt, No shoes, No police, No problem. Cities deciding to cut their police funding should stop and ask: Who was Jimmy Hoffa? Maybe they could be cutting their own supply lines. Would that be an issue? What percentage of food, hardware, lumber, electrical supplies, etc. comes by a truck?