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Grok Poll: Amend the NH Constitution to Get the Courts Out of Education Funding?

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SeacoastOnline reports that New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu would support an effort to get the courts out of the educational funding morass.

“The only way to undo (the current system) is a constitutional amendment, which I would fight for any day of the week – as soon as we get a Legislature that will actually pass one,” said Sununu. “I’m all for it. And even just amending to just ‘the Legislature decides.’ Your representatives, the most representative body on the planet… decide amongst themselves what the formula is, how the funds get dispersed and ensure there is an adequate education.”

Sure but what’s to keep an activist judge or court from interpreting the amendment’s meaning? Nothing.

Having said that, this may still be a good idea. I don’t know. Support would certainly be dependent on the wording but let’s say the wording was as simple as Mr. Sununu suggests. There’s no mention of any formula in the Constitution so can we even say “the legislature decides” unless we mean they determine what an adequate education is and how much taxpayers should be put on the hook?

Do we want that? Yes, let’s open the can of worms. No, stay the hell away. Maybe something else? I’ve added an “other” line for you to include a personalized survey response. So have at it and by all means, use the comments section to elaborate.

[update] This Poll ends on Independence day at 11 pm ET.

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