If Abortion is Only 3% of Your Business Why Did You Stop Asking for Title X Funding? - Granite Grok

If Abortion is Only 3% of Your Business Why Did You Stop Asking for Title X Funding?

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Title X excludes the use of “family planning dollars” for abortion referrals. But before Donald Trump, no one bothered to enforce it. When the new rule was announced Planned Parenthood went to court and lost. Then, voluntarily stopped applying for that money. Why?

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I thought only 3% of their “business” was abortions? That’s what they say.

It seems a bit short-sighted, assuming you really care about Women’s health care™,” to abandon 97% of your customers over a bit of syntax which, by your own reckoning, should have no effect on your business model.

Haven’t you always said these dollars were not fungible? That they were not just for supporting services that freed up money for abortion?

So, how hard could it be to separate 3% of your business from the rest?

The changes don’t stop Planned Parenthood from TALKING about abortions and selling birth control, but the new regulations do stop the abortion mega-vendor from SELLING abortions when women come for family planning advice.

This is either the most poorly run private billion-dollar global conglomerate or someone is not telling the truth.

That’s right, the 3% narrative is a lie. Proven, if I might suggest, by the actions of Planned Parenthood when it bailed on Title X money. They know they can’t claim it without breaking the law.

But they have not given up. The world’s leading liar about providing mammogram services (they provide none), is on its high horse over making taxpayers provide millions for services that will be provided with the same money to the same people, but by someone else.

Or, are now often covered by insurance. Or, is provided through state or local funding, the way they should. And I say that through clenched teeth. I don’t think taxpayers should be giving Planned Parenthood cash for promised services. Period. But if this is something people feel inclined to support at the local level then that is where it should happen.

The Feds shouldn’t be in the family planning business at all. But they are and that law says you can’t give tax dollars to groups that can’t separate abortion referrals from family planning. That would be the sort of planning where you don’t get pregnant or, if you do, someone starts planning for a family, not marketing ways to kill the baby. 

Planned Parenthood can’t manage that. But in America, where there is a trough, there will be pigs. Someone else will make it happen without abortion in the equation, as the law was written. And every time Big abortion or their well-paid politicians complain about how they got screwed, just tell to give themselves a narrative abortion.

Their whining is, after all, just a clump of words.

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