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SB 684 is Harmful to Your Children’s Health

SB 684-FN has been slated for swift passage through the legislature. Have you stopped to ask why? First, Medicaid dinged NH for billing services which were not rendered by properly trained medical professionals in schools.


SCOTUS Looks Ready to Tip Over Another Left-Wing Crap Wagon

New Hampshire Democrats have tied their government school monopoly to a crap wagon. It’s filled with the words “tax dollars can go to religious schools.” It’s in the NH state Constitution. Well, the US Supreme Court may be about to toss that limitation in Montana and that could tip over the NH crap wagon.

border wall

SCOTUS: Build The Wall?

The US Supreme Court has given Donald Trump and his Administration (at the very least) a temporary victory. Yesterday it issued a stay on a lower court ruling that blocked the use of unused military funds to Build the Wall.

Border Wall

Build That Wall

Shutdown averted Congress has approved a border security compromise bill. They intend the bill as a device to avoid a second government shutdown. The bill appropriates about $1.4 billion of the $5.7 billion requested for border barrier construction. The White House said the president would sign the legislation passed Thursday. It also said the President …

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