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The Next Pandemic

Nitzakhon note: I am not really out of my hiatus mode but this is IMHO critical enough that I am putting it out anyway despite the risk to my personal situation.  This was started a couple of months ago, but in light of recent events vis a vis a potential new virus, plus other things …

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Faced With Lawsuits Bay State Repeals Flu Vaccine Mandate

Massachusetts, once the cradle of liberty, is now a bureaucrat’s Disneyland. They would rather tax and regulate the tea than dump it in the harbor these days. So the Department of Health (and inhuman services)had no problem declaring that ye shall be vaccinated, or else!

They Might Not Be Experts at Anything but Abusing Authority.

I’ve continued to craft these Threat Index Updates since Dec 14th. Tracking cases – this is, after all, a casedemic now – and comparing that mission-critical data to what really matters; hospitalizations and deaths—no scary headlines. We want to know what your odds are of surviving a positive test.