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Did SARS CoV2 Eradicate the Flu?

Feb 9 2021 Flu Map after covid

Last year we were joking about how COVID19 caused everything. Some folks got worked up about that. Pissed off, I mean. Offended. But has time told the tale?

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While seasonal flu has been a scourge of our existence (CDC data – last few years pictured for reference),

Peak Feb 2018 (pre-covid19) (ref. The scale in the featured image above).

Feb 9 2018 Flu Map (precovid)Peak Feb 2019 (pre-covid19)

Feb 9 2019 Flu Map (precovid)

Peak Feb 2020 (pre-covid19)

Feb 8 2020 Flu Map (precovid)

When COVID19 arrives, the Flu season disappears?

Peak Feb 2021 (post-covid19)

Feb 9 2021 Flu Map after covid


Here’s another interesting ‘fact,’ if CDC Data can be believed (it probably can’t).


No More Pediatric Flu


Pediatric flu is cured too!

It’s a miracle.

Now, if we could cure the political response (and the impulse that lead to it) because if you look at the CDC Maps, you’ll notice that the state’s without mask mandates or lockdowns or quarantines or curfews did (much like with COVID19) as well or better than the states that did do all those things.

A fact that doesn’t change even if the data has been altered, the flu was misdiagnosed, or that infection surveilling was misrepresented as SARS CoV2 ‘cuz reasons. Those being the effect of government force or incentive upon a marketplace (in this instance the medical diagnosis of anything with flu-like symptoms as COVID19 using a flawed test that returns substantial false-positives).

In other words, it is just like when NH Gov. John Lynch reduced public school dropouts to near zero. He’d done no such thing. They just changed what they called them and they magically went away.

But it didn’t.