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Notable Quote – Mona Charen

(emphasis mine): …What Valenti and other feminists do not see is that many of the traits they despise in modern men — for example, their expectation that they are “entitled to sexual attention” and their attraction to misogynist websites — are outgrowths of the sexual revolution that feminists themselves promoted. By devaluing marriage and family, …

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White Tower Feminists Study The Sex of Glaciers

You don’t have enough absurd things in your political tool chest so we’re here to help. Did you know that White-Tower feminists are researching the gender of glaciers? As in the sex of glaciers. No, I’m not kidding.    

What a Feminist Looks Like

Show of hands.  Who has not seen Ashley Judds…um…Judds?  And not for nothing, but she got paid to show them to you.  Just saying. Chicks on the Right are saying it too and they took some time to give the objectified actress and hypocrite (still talking about Ashley Judd) a rhetorical mouth full of truth-knuckles …

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Binders that Bind

Femanazis and even most leftists are like old dynamite.  One false move and BOOM!  Add to that the decline of their progressive President in the polls, and a roll call of states whose voters appear to be drifting away from their agenda and just about anything could set them off…and does. Take binders, for example. …

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