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Women Helping Men Dominate Women’s Sports

The self-proclaimed feminists of the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation have lost their way and no longer work to protect women’s rights. Instead, they consider any man who proclaims himself to be a woman to be eligible for women’s hard-fought-for rights, totally negating the purpose of having sex-specific rights for women.

On Tuesday, March 10, Tanna Clews, CEO of the NH Women’s Foundation testified against SB480, the NH Senate Save Women’s Sports bill. You can read her testimony on Facebook and watch her testimony in the video below. The foundation also tweeted about their opposition to the bill.

The Senate Education Committee voted Inexpedient to Legislate on SB480 after the public hearing, and that same week the full NH Senate was expected to vote on SB480, but the bill was given a reprieve because of the suspension of legislative activities.

HB1251, the NH House Save Women’s Sports bill was voted as Inexpedient to Legislate by the full House on March 12, so passing SB480 is the last chance during this legislative session to protect women’s school sports in New Hampshire from being taken over by gender-confused men.

Please contact your state senator and ask him or her to vote to overturn the committee’s recommendation of Inexpedient to Legislate and instead vote Ought to Pass on SB480.

You can share with your senator the list of male athletes dominating women’s sports, the science behind why women deserve to have their own sports, as well as Cornerstone’s testimony about why SB480 is good for women and sports.

Watch the testimony of Tanna Clews, CEO of NH Women’s Foundation, in opposition to SB480.