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Binders that Bind

Femanazis and even most leftists are like old dynamite.  One false move and BOOM!  Add to that the decline of their progressive President in the polls, and a roll call of states whose voters appear to be drifting away from their agenda and just about anything could set them off…and does.

Take binders, for example.

Governor Romney, in seeking to find qualified women in Massachusetts to consider for state cabinet positions asked for a binder of resumes from women.  This is the now infamous “Binder of Women” comment that has become the lefts latest in a long string of desperate and doomed to fail attacks upon the opponent.  Romney said binders of women!  BOOM!

But it is doomed to fail.  It is doomed to fail because while Democrats have talking points Romney has substance.

Mitt Romney has done more to place qualified women in positions of authority.  He has done more to accommodate them.  It looks like he has done more to create a more hospitable and productive work environment for them…than the current President, any Democrat governor, possibly more so than any female Democrat governor?

If you claim to stand for something, when you misrepresent or attack people who actually stand up for or accomplish your so-called goals, it makes you look like a hypocrite falsely plying gender politics for political power.

When all you have to offer is contraception and abortion, while others offer real job opportunity and growth, the only people who’ll follow you are the people who can’t see further than contraception and abortion.

When your entire focus is on vaginas in an economy that needs to find a way to re-employ 23 million people, your are nothing more than a pimp with a binder full of political prostitutes.

So have you figured out why Democrats are losing women voters yet?