Wikipedia Punishes Transgender 'Lesbian' with Man-Parts 'cuz Bad Optics for the Movement - Granite Grok

Wikipedia Punishes Transgender ‘Lesbian’ with Man-Parts ‘cuz Bad Optics for the Movement

Jessiva Yaniv Transwoman lesbian

Remember Jessica Yaniv? Catapulted to infamy for filing multiple lawsuits. Women refused to wax the transgender’s man parts. Yaniv sued for discrimination but the catfight is bad optics for the movement. They’ve managed to get her ‘page’ pulled at Wikipedia.

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Which movement?

It could be the transwoman movement. Or the transwoman with man-parts still intact movement. Or maybe the feminists are a bit on edge. Perhaps it’s the Drag Queen story hour folks. Or, just some random gaggle of #Woke leftists. 

Whoever, Yaniv is a piece of work. But then so it the culture under the weight of the #Wokeasaurus.

[Yaniv] shared a photo of himself in a tweet claiming to be “one proud lesbian.” Lesbian feminists like Julia Beck would beg to disagree. In fact, feminists have slammed transgender activism as a form of “rape culture” because if a “transgender woman” like Yaniv wants to have intercourse with a lesbian, the lesbian cannot refuse on the grounds that Yaniv has male anatomy — that would be “transphobia.”

Fun times at the lefty-culture circus?

You can’t beat ’em, and you can’t join ’em but if you refuse them the Human Rights folks come knocking. Here’s your scarlet ‘B’ for bigot. Now let the man who likes to dress up like a woman before having sex with women (and perhaps young girls) have their way.

If Jeffrey Epstein had worn a dress, instead of being a serial pedophile and liability, would he be a left-wing hero? Martyred to the cause?

As for Yaniv and “her” lawsuits, we’re still anxiously waiting to hear.

The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal has yet to render a verdict on the matter. But real women will likely lose. Which is the point we’ve been making all along. The same point made by Meghan Murphy, (c/o PJ Media)

There are very good reasons why men are not allowed access to places where women and girls are vulnerable, shelters for women victims of rape, homeless shelters, prisons.”

“It doesn’t matter if that man identifies as transgender or not, there is still the potential for something bad to happen,” Murphy explained.

Loopholes mandated by mobs demanding legislative “justice” backed by diversity or human rights commissions that invite predators to abuse the system to access victims. Identity politics deliberately manifest victim culture by encouraging policy that panders to a set of manufactured victims to facilitate a likely increase in real victims. Women. In the blind pursuit of political power.

Destroying cultural norms are more important to the left than the threat of actual physical or sexual abuse of a woman.

And Democrats claim to be the party of women? But, which ones?

Tyler O’Neil | PJ Media