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Notable Quote – Mona Charen

(emphasis mine):

…What Valenti and other feminists do not see is that many of the traits they despise in modern men — for example, their expectation that they are “entitled to sexual attention” and their attraction to misogynist websites — are outgrowths of the sexual revolution that feminists themselves promoted. By devaluing marriage and family, feminists helped to create a world in which many men grow up without fathers. About 50 percent of American children will now spend some or all of their childhoods in a single-parent home.

And while feminists spend a great deal of time and attention decrying the flaws of men, they would be well-advised to think about how crucial men are as fathers. There is no data to prove this, but it seems extremely likely that the majority of men who turn to the manosphere for guidance about how to be men — or, to use Valenti’s phrase, “get manly quick” — are growing up or have been raised without dads.

MIT economist David Autor and his colleagues, among others, have shown that boys raised without fathers suffer even more than girls do. They compared fatherless brothers and sisters in Florida and found that the boys were less likely than their sisters to graduate from college, have ambitions for their futures or be employed as adults.

Boys will always seek to be manly. It’s in their natures. Feminists do men (and women) a disservice by scorning it. Boys raised by good dads will find manliness in marriage, responsibility and self-control. A better feminism would cherish those things.

-Mona Charen

(H/T: Chicago Sun-Times)