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now what New Hampshire

Now What New Hampshire?

From pictures and videos I’ve seen online it appears that several hundred people gathered at the State House today to protest the Governor’s economic shutdown. That is their right, guaranteed by both the New Hampshire and United States Constitution, and it appears not a single person was arrested for gathering in violation of the Governor’s …

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Are All of These Lockdown Orders Legal?

Are These Lockdown Orders Legal?

Here in New Hampshire, we’re on a modified lockdown. All “scheduled gatherings of 50 or more people for social, spiritual, and recreational activities…” are prohibited. This prohibition does not include businesses. The Governor has issued a five-part order.

to-go beer & wine

To-Go Beer & Wine Coming to a Bar near You!

Since the Government decided to ban dining in at restaurants, many bars, pubs, taverns, and eateries have been a tad anxious. Understandably, of course. Looking at an uncertain future for your business, bills, personal income, and your employees is an anxiety causing event and makes even veteran business owners uneasy. Some State Reps got to …

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