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To-Go Beer & Wine Coming to a Bar near You!

to-go beer & wine

Since the Government decided to ban dining in at restaurants, many bars, pubs, taverns, and eateries have been a tad anxious. Understandably, of course. Looking at an uncertain future for your business, bills, personal income, and your employees is an anxiety causing event and makes even veteran business owners uneasy. Some State Reps got to work today, and now to-go beer & wine is coming to a bar near you!

This will be a good step enacted by Governor Sununu. If we’re going to ban dining in, the least we could do is allow restaurants to continue making money of their primary profit drivers – alcohol sales.

The tweet – sent out by Governor Sununu – indicates that closed container sales of beer and wine will be allowed at all restaurants. Restaurants are not permitted to sell beer for off-premises consumption per their licenses (and why would they, under normal circumstances?) This common sense step will help them continue to earn some revenue while the COVID crisis rages on. It may also save another job or two.

Getting rid of regulations in emergencies makes sense. But, if we can waive these regulations during emergencies, then we certainly don’t need them the rest of the year either. Let’s find some other obstructive regulations that would help people survive this crisis and see if we can’t waive those, too.