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Promoted From the Comments – What Should the Republican Legislatures Do? and Will You All Participate?

How Deadly is Covid?

Yes, New Hampshire is starting to get hit by the WuFlu again and it seems that numbers are getting higher again:

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NH WuFlu numbers 2020-11-13

I wanted to see more detailed analytics (i.e., death rates over increasing case rates and hospital (regular and ICU beds) but all I got was “website is down for maintenance” though that isn’t the point of this post.

What is the point is the emergency orders.

Like a lot of other states, the hits on the general population just keep on coming. Just within a day or two of being able to get out from under the thumb of Government and go back to “Live Free or Die” ethos that says WE get to decide for ourselves, Sununu keeps yanking that chain and putting that thumb right back on top.

After all “Public Safety trumps EVERYTHING” – so no, he’s no Constitutionalist at all (on the other hand, SD Gov Kristi Noem is but that’s for another post).

It is almost Thanksgiving time so I’ll be thankful that Sununu won’t jam a mask mandate down our throats like Biden is demanding.

So I thought this was a great idea – from a couple of our really smart commenters (emphasis mine). From Ed Mosca’s How We Will Quickly Know Whether New Hampshire Has an Actual GOP Legislature” post:

Mike Remski • a day ago
Well, as suboptimal as RSA 4:45 may be, what if it was not in place? Previous RSA had provisions similar to 4:45 III(a,b,e) without (c). What recourse was available then? Legislature has to sue as they did in Michigan where Gov Whitmer effectively say “f-off I’ll do what I want?”

Yes, absolutely III(e) should be stricken. The second part of III(a) about Governor extending EO should be stricken or minimally modified to require legislative approval.

Absolutely correct – this never-ending series of E.O.s, while not legally violating anything (as proven already in court), certainly violates the Idea of representative government.

Sidenote: Especially when the current Legislatures (Democrat-controlled House and Senate until Dec 2 when the new Reps and Senators are sworn in) have gone all limp and refused to challenge Sununu at all (even as they campaigned against him). Why would anyone be surprised – the Democrats would LOVE to be that Unitary Executive / Legislature just like other Socialist governments are de facto if not de jure. That taste of Power…

And enough is enough – and a couple of folks smarter than I suggested a better way forward; one thought led to another:

Bryan W • a day ago
I would replace this: “The governor may, by executive order, renew a declaration of a state of emergency as many times as the governor finds is necessary to protect the safety and welfare of the inhabitants of this state.”

With this: “The governor may, by executive order, renew a declaration of a state of emergency, and shall immediately call both chambers of the legislature into session, to be scheduled to meet in person within 14 days. He shall personally deliver information regarding the emergency to the legislature, and state his reasons for the renewal. The Legislature then must, by concurrent resolution and roll call vote, affirm or deny the renewal as specified in paragraph (c). This procedure shall repeat as often as the governor renews the state of emergency.”

I’m sure there is a more eloquent way to edit the whole thing so it makes sense.

Perfect – it rips the shroud of the Unitary Executive to bits and places the burden of oversight back onto the Legislatures (as it should be). I can’t think of much better wording in order to hold our elected representatives more accountable for the responsibilities we’ve given them. In fact, this is a GREAT idea – and we need your help:

GraniteGrok Mod  Bryan W • 19 hours ago
The time period to submit LSRs (precursors for actual bills) is Nov 20th at 3pm. If you have a friendly legislator, submit it to them (and much better if “they” is plural.

Upon a split second’s worth of reflection, I think we should have EVERY GraniteGrok reader give this to all their legislators (House, Senate) AND ask them to sponsor it. Wouldn’t that be rather fun AND substantial at the same time?

I’ve sent this to my newly elected and re-elected NH State Representatives: Glen Aldrich, Harry Bean, and Norm Silber asking if they’d be willing to turn the above into Legislative Service Requests (LSRs).  I’d be obliged if y’all would do the same in each of your varied districts.

If you would, let us know in the comments below if you do. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a “GraniteGrok bill” in the legislative hopper?