Huge Majority Does Not Want Sununu to Extend NH's State of Emergency (Poll is Still Open) - Granite Grok

Huge Majority Does Not Want Sununu to Extend NH’s State of Emergency (Poll is Still Open)

ReOpenNH - Free to stay in your house

The Governor’s Emergency Order extension ends in a week. Are we done? Have we had enough? Or do you believe he should extend it for another three weeks? One day in, where do we stand?

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We asked the question, and you’ve answered. Twenty-seven hours in with 36 hours left to go, 90% say no, you say the Gov. should not extend the state of emergency.

Poll Reopen or another 21 day EO

Add in the 2.8% who are okay with an extension but want to reopen faster, and that’s 93% who think it slow roll is too slow.

The other 7% is okay with an extension and does not want to speed up the return to whatever will pass for normal.

Those numbers could shift, though. Another 600 votes today and we’ve got ourselves a horse race. So, how about that? Do the stay-at-homers rise to support another three weeks in this political prison, or will the #ReopenNH folks double their lead?

Somewhere between the two?

Please share the poll and let’s find out. Let’s make an impression, shall we?


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