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We Should Call CRT What it Is: Political Race Theory

The Left’s commitment to dehumanizing political opponents continues, as is the effort to push back against it. In New Hampshire, the latter is codified in HB544, a bill the Left says violates the right to free speech which is ironic. That’s exactly the opposite of what it does.

Bolduc Messner

Bolduc vs Messner

Good evening fellow citizens, supporters of both Don Bolduc and Bryant Messner.  As we head into the primary emotions are high, and everyone’s swords are drawn in favor of their preferred candidate.

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After much thought and consideration …

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to enthusiastically endorse Don Bolduc for US Senate.  In my opinion, he is the candidate best suited to defeat Jeanne Shaheen in the General election.

Ice T

Freedom of Speech, Just watch what you say…

Freedom of Speech, Just watch what you say, a line from the Gangster Rapper, ICE-T.  I am reminded of this lyric (from my youth) whenever I strike a nerve. Who’s nerve did I hit? Well, that would be Philip Abirached of the Windham, NH Republican Committee.

Get Involved PAC Fundraising Tailgate

Get Involved PAC Fundraising Tailgate Draws Huge Crowd

Over 300 attendees, including most major candidates for office in New Hampshire, attended the first major post-COVID GOP fundraising event this month, which happened to coincide with D-Day’s 75th-anniversary. Jess and Naomi Edwards, of Auburn, host an annual “tailgate” fundraising event for the Get Involved PAC in their backyard. All Republican candidates and activists are …

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