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Democracy is tyranny.

Democracy is Tyranny

Democracy is tyranny. It was true in ancient Greece and it is true today. America was designed to foster a spirit of freedom. The nation, through the Constitution, as written, promotes enterprise among its people. The U.S. Constitution intends to thwart tyranny from majority rule. America is a free-market society.

Democrat Appeasement of the Squeaky Wheels

Have the squeaky wheels taken over?

Here in America, as in all free societies, we’ve always functioned under a simple, but essential concept – the principle of majority rule.  It has its flaws, but it’s vastly superior to totalitarian regimes, dictatorships, and oligarchies.


Notable Quote – Goerge Will

The Declaration is not just chronologically prior to the Constitution, it is logically prior. As Timothy Sandefur writes, the Declaration “sets the framework for reading” the Constitution, so it is the Constitution’s “conscience”: By the terms with which the Declaration articulates the Constitution’s purpose – the purpose is to “secure” unalienable rights – the Declaration intimates …

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Notable Quote – Richard E. Wagner

Yet democracy and liberty cannot be complementary political values, at least not without significant effort at constitutional reconciliation. At base, democracy embraces the principle that majorities dominate minorities. In contrast, liberty is a principle of non-domination whereby interaction among people is governed by principles of private property and not by majority rule -Richard E. Wagner …

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Peterborough NH

Abolish the Planning Board?

Yesterday the Union Leader reported on my petition to abolish the Planning Board, that will be put forth from a group of concerned citizens. Here’s why. We saw this year that group of citizens can follow the law and propose a citizens amendment to zoning ordinance.  They collected the signatures, wrote the petition, and presented …

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NH Dems Diversity Olympics

The New Hampshire Democrats submitted their plan for delegate selection to the National Democrat Party, and it was accepted.  The 76-page document (76 pages?) can be read here. Luckily they included comments at the end on the overall delegate selection rules put forth by the DNC. Some, including Senate President Donna Soucy (D- Manchester) are …

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