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The SPLC Is A Radical Organization

The Republican National Committee is adopting a new resolution. It is “refuting the legitimacy of the Southern Poverty Law Center to identify hate groups.” The resolution denounces the organization as a whole. It focuses on the Obama-Biden administration’s relationship with the group.

Fauxcahontas Warren Speaks At the Native American Caucus Meeting

Fauxcahontas Warren Speaks

DNA testing confirmed that Elizabeth Warren is 1/1024th native America. That doesn’t pass muster as Native American… anywhere. Why then is her claim that Joe Biden will listen to tribal concerns any more believable than her heritage?

Donald-Trump Wants fewer Federal Regulations

Impeach with Second Hand Information After Closed Door Hearings?

Does it seem fair? Does it seem above board? Why are we getting snippets of leaks from a presidential impeachment hearing? Why are the hearings not open? How can they believe they can remove POTUS without allowing public review of the actual transcripts of the impeachment investigation hearings?

AG Barr Appoints John Durham

The Associated Press ( ) and New York Times ( ) are carrying stories reporting that Attorney General Barr has appointed the U.S Attorney in Connecticut, John Durham an investigatory task. He is charged with the duty to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation. This is to include whether or not the …

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