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New York Times Corrects Another Brett Kavanaugh Story

New York Times Corrects Another Brett Kavanaugh Story

Okay, we all make mistakes. We all get it wrong sometimes. But the New York Times is literally burning its credibility with stories about Brett Kavanaugh.

Unfair treatment by the press

Some conservatives were not fans of his selection for the position. He voted with Merrick Garland 93% of the time. That’s not as conservative as some would expect. But what has been done to him is thoroughly reprehensible.  The standard in his confirmation hearing was guilty until proven innocent. That’s just wrong on its face. That’s not the American system.

In the press, the expectation is that he has Kavanaugh had to be a perfect individual since conception while the media gets infinite do-overs at smearing him.  This is the most horrific example of the politics of personal destruction we have seen since the Robert Bork confirmation. Do we really want to be governed this way? Is this what our standards have become? I sure hope there is truth to the statement that elections have consequences.

The smear

In the latest New York Times story about another, decades old, sexual misconduct accusation of against US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh it had to print a correction.  It failed to tell readers that the alleged victim doesn’t remember the incident. It must have been traumatic. The Times article was an adaptation from a book by two of its reporters.  The reporters are Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly. How do reporters write a story about an incident the principle does not remember?

No matter how salacious the allegation there needs to be a modicum of support for the incident. Wishing it were so is simply not enough. Reporters should understand this. Editors should know this. The paper was obviously looking for a way to continue it’s personal attacks on Kavanaugh so it enlists its employees to publish this book. They could then make an editing error to continue their attacks for circulation stimulation reasons.


Even its fellow media outlets find little to no credibility to this smear. This is another of the Pelosi brand create an incident, get it reported in the press, then use the press reporting to claim credibility. The trick is getting as tired and old as its author.  We don’t really want to see any more of the wrap-up smear as the New York Times corrects another Brett Kavanaugh story.