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The Jab: A Rite of Passage

Having shown pictures of my late parents to my kids recently – my father died long before my current marriage and my mother got to hold her first grandchild for less than a year before she passed – I was reminiscing about her and how, for her 50th birthday, my father arranged a grand surprise …

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Creating a Preference Tsunami

In a recent Quick Takes post I had, as the third item, three Bill Whittle videos all about conformity and brainwashing and how we often subsume our own independence to “go along to get along” with the crowd.

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To the Merrimack School Board (and others): NO to the Jab!

This is an edited and enhanced version of a handout I created and which was given around at the Merrimack School Board meeting on September 20. I intend to break apart the handout into topical posts (jabs, masks, etc.) while folding in new information as I find it.

Tom Woods

Tom Woods Burns Lockdowns and Mask Mandates to the Ground

If you do not know  Dr. Tom Woods, you should. He’s brilliant and deserves your attention, and not just for the matter at hand, though it is critically important. The new wave of lockdowns and mask mandates threatens liberty (more, again). Tom Woods is here to help arm you for your defense.