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Tom Woods Burns Lockdowns and Mask Mandates to the Ground

Tom Woods

If you do not know  Dr. Tom Woods, you should. He’s brilliant and deserves your attention, and not just for the matter at hand, though it is critically important. The new wave of lockdowns and mask mandates threatens liberty (more, again). Tom Woods is here to help arm you for your defense.

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For the record, we have shared some of the material he covers below. (We have close to 800 posts that include the search term COVID). We’ve got loads of links and reports and research, but he adds more (below) in a short time.

He also provides more links (resources, facts, evidence) that you can follow up with to reinforce your anti-COVID-Cult armor.

As New Hampshire’s geographical neighbors cower in fear and unnecessarily punish their residents (as may be the case in your state or elsewhere outside New England), we need to be prepared to make the case against that to prevent it or if you already have it, to end it.

The more people you can convert out of the cult, the more likely your success.

Mr. Woods has compressed the details into a few minutes. He provides access to his free E-book with more facts. And we also have a link to his longer presentation because I’m sure you will want to hear more.

We encourage you to share the link to this post, not just the video. Social Media Stasi will be trolling for takedowns, and we want people to see it. If they like the short version, they can follow the link to Tom for the full presentation.

This is worth your time, and we look forward to sharing more details in the next few days and weeks.