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Objecting to your own principles

Objecting to Your own Principles … Is That a Problem?

Objecting to your own principles. Is that a problem in an election year? Maybe not if you are a Leftist. Have you noticed the Leftists seem intent on criticizing Judge Barrett over issues they normally support? Seems a little incongruous, don’t you think?

Voters don't need to know

Biden and Harris Treatment of Catholics

Joe Biden continually betrays Catholics and his claim to the faith.  Joe Biden would force American Catholics to pay for abortions. He is sacrificing his Catholic values to kneel before the leftist mob. Let’s say it the way it is. Biden is a Catholic in name only.

Joe Biden wink

Biden is a Hypocrite

Joe Biden is a hypocrite, he’s a Democrat and a nominal Catholic. The man touts his Catholic faith out of one side of his mouth. Out of the other side, he vows to crack down on nuns. The man can’t keep his story straight. But then again these days it probably isn’t his story anymore.

He’s Even Got That ‘New Pope’ Smell.

Francis I, the new leader of the catholic church, is likely to get more than a few liberals to jump back on their crazy-train.  That’s because he’s a Catholic.  No, not your Pelosi-Biden ‘garden variety’ left wing catholic, who claims to be catholic–Pope Francis is an actual C-A-T-H-O-L-I-C. Francis has this crazy idea that marriage has something to do …

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