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Show Me The Money

The New Hampshire Democrat party is excited about all the female candidates they are fielding.  Ray Buckley would like you to think that this is some kind of equal opportunity thing, or that he thinks his party gets an electoral advantage of some kind but it’s really all about money.

NH Democratic Women Rock! NH Democrats will nominate women for BOTH congressional seats. Three of the five Democratic candidates for Executive Council are women. 17 of the 24 Democratic candidates for state senate are women. And a record number of women are running for the NH House!

(Buckley Quote not sourced yet)

Even lacking a source this is clearly something Buckley would say for obvious reasons because it means a record amount of out of state money from abortion PAC’s in a year when the NHDP will have to spend more for less.  That’s more money to salvage fewer seats.  But EMILY’s list–the all abortion all the time big money out of state donor will send big fat checks to every one of these women, the state senatorial and federal level candidates in particular.   But they have to favor unlimited abortion all the time, which up to this point has not been a problem for NH Democrat women.

So the lumps of tissue in the NHDP who survived the womb and grew up to become candidates can expect plenty of support from out of state groups who are committed to exterminating future generations of NHDP candidates should the urge strike their mothers.

And even then I’m still against it.  But Ray, he could care less what gender they are as long as they get the out of state money.



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