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Jan Schakowski 2.0

Following on the heels of Skip’s post about Jan Schakowsky, we should ad this additional bit of truth telling.  Schakowsky is one of Carol Seiu-Porters supporters, one of more than a dozen congressman who are also listed as American Socialists.  Together they have donated at least $36,000.00 dollars to Carol Seiu-Porter this year alone.

They are all heavily funded by unions, which seems appropriate seeing as 98% of Carol’s PAC money comes from Unions (50%) and congressional or leadership PAC’s funded by unions (48%.)

Schakowsky donated to Carol through both her Progressive Choices PAC, and her congressional committee.  But as I said she’s not alone.  Here’s the full list from my post on August 24th, but since the mid September update we can add a few more socialists to Carol’s stable of donors.

 To the original 12 add..

John Hall (D-NY)  who donated to Carol through his Answer PAC


Gwen Moore (D-MI) through GWEN PAC

Xavier Becerra (D-CA), doubled down.  His congressional committee had already given Carol cash.  He has also now given through his Leadership of Today and Tomorrow PAC.


So looking back to Skips question, "How did someone like this even get into congress.???.." we should perhaps look closer to home for the answer.  They are not that dissimilar, and Carol has only recently begun to publicly announce, and proudly, her devotion to the federal government as the means to all ends.  But long before Carol admitted to being a socialist, she was simply the other candidate–one who was never entirely honest about her grow government first attitude.

That is simply something we shall have to rectify on November 2nd.