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Carol SEIU-Porter


Fergus Cullen get’s the Hat Tip for spotting this first and posting it over at Red Hampshire, but he didn’t go the extra mile and get a copy of the actual invitation.

Here we have a campaign fundrasing breakfast for Carol "Look for the Union Label" SEIU-Porter; remember to make checks payable to Carol SEIU-Porter for Congress.  As if SEIU-Porter needs any more union money.

Do you realize that unions represent a tiny fraction of the working people of not just our State but the nation?  Yet Carol SEIU-Porter gets most of her support from them?  That says a lot.

I see she has Debbie Wasserman Shultz (DWS) there as a draw.  DWS is a fan, having given SEIU-Porter $5 k from her PAC (Democrats Win Seats PAC), and another $2K from her congressional committee.  DWS is deep and wide in union money herself so they make a nice pair.  Maybe they hold committee meetings in the ladies room together.  That’s where the women gets stuff done, right?

(Wonder if that’s why Norelli wanted that $70,000.00 bathroom remodel down the hall from her office in Concord?)

But kudos to Fergus for nailing it on the head when he wrote, "More Stimulus money, Please!"


(More from me on the CSP Union cash cow here and here.)