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Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris’s Anti-Catholic Bigotry

Kamala Harris’s anti-Catholic bigotry is just part of the baggage she brings. Kamala is now Joe Biden’s VP pick. Tap, tap, tap on Joe Biden’s shoulder. Hey Joe, your VP pick believes Catholics are unfit to serve in our nation’s courts. Joe, hey Joe, that’s religious bigotry.

unhinged democrats

How About a Taste of That Famed Democrat “Civility”…

The Reverand Al Sharpton called President Trump a bigot (and Al knows a thing or two about being a bigot). That’s “civility.” Michelle Malkin was beaten by BLM thugs and prevented from speaking at a Denver pro-police rally.

Looking down the road to November

The Left’s History of Bigotry

The Left’s History of Bigotry is long and deep. Socialists and leftists generally claim they support equality and diversity. Sounds great doesn’t it? It’s part of virtue signaling in this age of political correctness.

Why Can't You privileged white men Understand

Blaine Amendments Are Going on Trial

The Blaine Amendments are going on trial. Get ready for one of the most important education-related Supreme Court cases in 50 years: Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue. The case is on the schedule for hearing by the nation’s highest court on January 22, 2020.

Qualifications to Head DCCC

Qualifications to Head DCCC

What exactly are the qualifications to head the DCCC? Western Journal has been on a rant about this and maybe for good reason. The new executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) was announced last week. She’s, as one would expect she is a pro-abortion Democrat. What identity politics looks like According to …

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Urgent Versus Important

Fauxcahauntus Friends

American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) has been active in recent anti-Israel demonstrations. It is also active in campaigns in the United States alongside other far-left and pro-Palestinian groups. In 2017, AMP began organizing with IfNotNow (INN). INN is a group that regularly accuses Israel of crimes in the Palestinian territories. Max Berger is a cofounder …

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