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Government As God

credit: 123fr.comFor as long as I can recall the New Hampshire Democrat Party has been using the "Press Release" to make up crap about people, misrepresent the words they use, change the meaning of their words, or in some cases creating out of whole cloth whatever perception they think will advance their clawing obsession with accumulating political power by damaging anyone or anything that stands between them and their Pinky and The Brain like nightly quest (minus the Brain) to take over the world.

This week, the mouthpiece of the democrats Department of Orwellian Plots Irrelevant and Evil (DOPIE), Harrell "it depends on what the definition of "is" is" Kirstien, thought he could get some much needed traction from the Christian haters in the party choir, by implying that the religions thoughts of one NH State House Republican (out of 400), was a call to establish the great American theocracy that the liberals are always warning us about.

As with most of their brain drool, this was perhaps more about poking a sleeping rabid donkey with a hot iron to get it up, angry and moving.  But Kirstein is to press releases what a five year old is to breakfast in bed.  He aint no Betty Crocker.

What was meant to be an off hand jibe for cheap political points about the need to fear anyone who believes in something more powerful than government, turned into a national news story about religious intolerance and bigotry against Christians.  And since we have to play by their rules, we have to take them at their words.

Well done.

Nothing pleases us more than seeing the bearers of the PC fire getting burned by their own creation but to have this incompetence demonstrated so close to home, aside from providing great blogging material, reminds us that democrats cannot separate anything from politics, nor are they able to view the power of government as outside any aspects of human existence.  In their heads government is essentially a secular theocracy absent any power greater than themselves where government is God and politicians are the arbiters of its will.  It is therefore incumbent on them to destroy any and all competition for that power, regardless of risk or relevance, no matter where they find it.

Those of you keeping score at home take heed.  There is not one part of your life they will not at some point try to affect with political power and influence, meaning that whenever they are in power you will be a government with a country and never the other way around.