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Ideological Superorganisms

Like so many people I’ve been baffled at watching small Leftist groups or even individuals acting to advance their global cause seemingly with great coordination in the big picture, but without any visible sign of said coordination or order-giving from a “shadowy central entity.”

we the people

My Fellow Americans, The America that you and I knew is gone.

The America that you and I knew is gone. Complaining on Facebook or other social media will be to no avail. Action is needed to correct past mistakes and that starts with YOU. I am compelled to write this today because each day this president breaks another law with impunity.


What the Hell are We Doing?

by Rebecca Bailey It’s no wonder that almost 6,175 people voted in Hanover and 2,590 in Plymouth a vast majority being democrats leading to losses for County seats and executive council. (see quote below and view the link provided) Meanwhile, we the Grafton County and State Republicans, have in-fighting over ridiculous issues. We hang onto …

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