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Notable Quote – Where is the Courage to be Fearless and DO something!

Mollie Hemingway The Federalist

Reformatted, emphasis mine:

The conservative establishment, its politicians, and its media, don’t lack ideas or people. But too many of its leaders do lack determination and endurance and fearlessness. The people can tell. As it is said,

“Men don’t follow titles, they follow courage.”

The conservative movement in D.C. has too often been engaged in insincere opposition to progressivism’s march through America’s institutions, both public and private. It has seemed mostly interested in negotiating terms of surrender or managing defeat than preserving the republic. It has stood athwart history impotently suggesting that progressives slow down. Michael Malice has therefore derided conservatism as just “Progressivism with a speed limit.” Institutional conservatism and its alleged leaders have too frequently accepted the propaganda press’s treatment of conservatives as second-class citizens.

For conservatism to mean anything now, it has to be about rejecting this rigged system. Don’t just say “stop.” Our duty is to not to say “stop” but then bend the knee in cowardice when the mob comes. That brings even more harm to our more vulnerable neighbors and does nothing to prevent the destruction of the country.

It’s not comfortable for conservatives who value order and civility to even think or speak this way. But the fact is that many Americans are alienated from and no longer feel at home in their own country. The moral climate has been degraded as the left has taken over every single one of the powerful institutions in the country and is actively pushing people to lead a life of godlessness, barrenness, selfishness, gluttony, and addiction to outrage and dopamine.

All of a sudden, the conservative project is not a conservative one, so much as a counter-revolutionary one.

…It’s not enough, though, that someone fights. The fight must be smart and tactical. While we are clearly entering an era where dissidents will be required, there’s no value in secular martyrdom or being just another victim of the regime. The fight must be supplemented by prudence and strategy. Be bold and defiant, but we must also know where to aim our fire.

On the other hand, figuring out where to aim our fire is not that difficult right now. It brings to mind a quote from legendary Marine Chesty Puller: “They are in front of us, behind us, and we are flanked on both sides by an enemy that outnumbers us 29:1. They can’t get away from us now!”

It’s a target-rich environment. Now go out and pick one.

-Mollie Hemingway (abstract from her address to the Bradley Foundation)

We here at GraniteGrok do a lot of writing about Conservativism and how it relates to our Society but let me also say something that I’ve said for years – we’re also all political activists as well.

Words without deeds are helpful but not as helpful when accompanied with real actions (and the experience that brings). Our words are meant for three things – to get your attention, to inform you, and then, in the last few years to hopefully get off your collective duffs and DO something. It isn’t enough to read conservative “stuff” (even here at the ‘Grok) and participate in the comment sections (although we’re honored you take the time to do so!). No, the time has come (and has been here for a while) to join with the rest of us in the Culture Wars that have been thrust upon us. The Left has taken the fight to us and we ignored it. They refuse to just leave us alone (as good citizens would have done). Most of us have failed to heed the words of Andrew Breitbart that politics is downstream of Culture.

Because of that failure, now we are seeing what the sowing of Socialism and Anti-America hatred into our Culture is doing to our politics NOW. And trust me, you will not be allowed to sit on the sidelines. The Borg WILL make you to care, like it or not. The only choice is HOW you will care, WHICH side you will pick, and WHAT you will do about it.

Remember, their aims are to remove choice from your vocabulary. You WILL take the Jab, you WILL allow them to indoctrinate your children, you WILL accept their new morality, you WILL only use words acceptable to them, you WILL abandon Individuality for Collectivism, you WILL sacrifice yourself and your family for those that despise you.

And you WILL, in real time, watch them dismantle, one paper slice at a time, what was once the greatest beacon of Liberty, Freedom, and Hope in history.  So, in the words of Reagan, what will you be telling your grandkids what you were doing to save them TODAY?  My grandson already knows – I’ve made it clear though he’s not quite old enough to truly understand. His Bompa will go down swinging and kicking for all he’s worth, all the time throwing as much sand into their gear works as possible.

You? Have you figured out your role in all this – and what you either are doing or what you WILL be doing?  I’m afraid that more then the oft bandied about 3% were involved in the Revolutionary War will be insufficient. Perhaps not even 10 times that amount will work. So what is your decision today?

And if you have any questions as to which direction to fire at, we can certainly tell you where to aim and then when to pull that political / anti-Socialist trigger. After all, we’ve been refusing to be victims since 2006 – well before most realized this juggernaut that the Left created to come after us all that refuse to be absorbed into their Narrative and Collectivist outlooks. After all, this country was the first EVER to have created a government whose sole purpose was to do something very unique – protect the Liberties of Individuals. Nothing more, nothing less.

Oh, for sure, they understood REAL human foibles and hunger for Power – and created a government structure meant to foil those foibles for them to gain it. Unfortunately, I believe that there is a sufficient percentage of our fellow citizens that no longer believe what John Adams wrote:

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

We can no longer take our Liberties for granted for already, an immoral and irreligious cohort is working hard to make sure the Ben Franklin’s words “If you can keep it” result in just giving it up.

We know where to put sand into their gearworks. Now if we could only get the GOPe to understand that the Marquis of Queensbury Rules of fighting are only for cowards, we might get somewhere.


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