This Rot we're Seeing with BLM Riots Started in Our School Systems. - Granite Grok

This Rot we’re Seeing with BLM Riots Started in Our School Systems.


Now that you’ve seen the mayhem in action, where is this coming from? Why does it appear to be mainly young people who are rioting and expressing their Marxist views? LOOK NO FURTHER THAN YOUR LOCAL PUBLIC SCHOOL.

I’ve been warning for YEARS that the local schools are building fires that legislators try to put out.

It’s NOT WORKING!!!  Several years ago, the former Assistant Superintendent in Manchester (Now Superintendent in Exeter- David Ryan) gave a presentation before the BOSC. He showed what a Civics Class will look like. In the video, it showed kids being called to activismNowhere did he present any actual academic content you’d expect kids to learn. For instance, nothing about the U.S. Constitution. Individual rights. The history of slavery and how we’ve moved beyond that because of the founding documents that support individual freedom and liberty.

NO, it was ALL about a call to activism.

Conservatives abandoned the local schools years ago. BIG MISTAKE. You can’t win this by walking away.

Protect your kids first. But get back into those schools and demand better.

The NH Dept of Ed has been working on Social Studies Standards. I’m not exactly sure where they are at but we all need to find out. We need to make sure that whatever they produce is GOOD.

I will be posting about how the science standards in NH are an attack on PROPERTY rights. Yes, you read that right. If you read our science standards, you will see it. Read more about that here:

WATCH Former Asst. Super. David Ryan (who now monitors the internet in Exeter through Social Sentinal) make his presentation to the BOSC HERE:

Just supporting school choice isn’t enough. I support school choice too. But more has got to be done.

Run for school board. File RTK (Right To Know) requests and look at the syllabus. Go to school board meetings.

Otherwise, this will only get worse.