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2020 Presidential Campaign

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World Leaders: Not So Fast

By now, everyone in the world knows that the United States presidential election was rigged and Joe Biden is not the President-Elect as fake news media declared.

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Poll: Trump Wins NH 47% to 43%

Again, polls. Again, 2016/2020. Again, grains of salts. Again, people are TIRED of pollsters and Trump supporters won’t talk to them.  Like me – unlike all previous years, I refused to answer a single poll phone call. As soon as I hear that it is a “survey”, it’s a click from me.

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Quick Thought: Of Course, He’s Donald Trump

While Biden is just barely more than walking these last two days, Trump is like a whirling dervish making the most of the time he has. He held a rally in Butler, PA  – in fracking country; jumping on Sleepy Joe and Commie Kamala’s promises to ban fracking (and kill off all those jobs).

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“The Best is yet to Come!”

Passed on to my by a friend: This is one of the best political ads by any political party that I have ever seen. Note: the ad states that this campaign ad is being banned by Facebook.  That is true.  But it is also true that Facebook has banned all political and issue ads one …

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