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Trump smiling

Just What Has Joe Biden Accomplished in the Past 47 Years?

For those of you who are thinking of voting for Biden because you can’t stand Trump personally, I suggest you examine what Trump has accomplished in the first three-plus years. I don’t care for him personally either, but I do like his energy and his ability to do things that others have only talked about.

Keith Olberman

Bitter Clingers, Deplorables…..and now Maggots?

Yep, for sure – Keith Olbermann, who should really stick to reporting and commenting on sports, has decided to go all Jim Carey (who really should just stick to just acting), and showed us all how unhinged one’s TDS can make them.

Chris Wallace

Blogline of the Day – Chris Wallace, Emasculated

Yes, the insufferable, arrogant and condescending guardian of the DC swamp gates is once again pearl-clutching, after being exposed as the insufferable leftist hack he is by the sunlight that is our president.

Trump Biden Wallace Debate

Blogline of the Day – Muttering….

Even some of the pundits on the Left have admitted that Trump’s main opponent in the first Presidential Debate wasn’t the guy across from him but the guy whose back was facing the audience – moderator Chris Wallace, Never Trumper from Fox News.