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A Coup is Taking Place – Please Activate the Insurrection Act to Block the Coup

Insurrection Act

Dear President Trump:

I heard this morning a report by Lt. General McInerney and Kirk Wiebe. As the President you have the obligation and power to protect American citizens from all enemies domestic and foreign.

I hope you will use “The Insurrection Act” to protect the legal vote of each legal American citizen. The Insurrection Act has been used twice in US history, Once by Abraham Lincoln and once by Franklin Roosevelt, each use was in a national emergency. We have a national emergency today.

If you fail to use the power of your office there will be chaos and our foreign enemies and our great Republic will be crushed. We will become like the slaves living in Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela, and many of the other African, South and Central American countries.

Some members of our congress, and unelected members of the Deep State, have joined with some of our international enemies to turn the United States into a dictatorship. You have the power to not let this happen.

I am convinced that an accurate counting of the votes of each legal residents of each state of the 6 or 8 states where obvious cheating has taken place will indicate that you have won the majority of the electoral votes. Please use your constitutional power to enforce the Insurrection Act and arrest the cheaters.

Manipulation of the votes in at least Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada, has produced falsified results in these states. There is much information about the manipulation and changes of result of the Dominion Machines.

Ignore the left wing media. You are in the White House because you represent the majority of legal electoral votes in the US. Please use the power of the presidency.

My background includes 18 months serving in the Regular army during the 1946-1948 of the Korean war period. I was discharged as a Staff Sgt, I have been elected to the NH State Legislature as a State Rep. Also I have been elected to the City council of Dover, NH.

I believe that if it is impossible to unscramble the apparent fraud in the 6 to 8 contested states they should be required to have a new vote. You have to full support of me and my wife Lydia.