Why is the Nashua League of Women Voters Manager Trying to Dox a Woman? - Granite Grok

Why is the Nashua League of Women Voters Manager Trying to Dox a Woman?

You’ve probably already seen the insanity from NH Democrats over a Facebook page posting the actual words and actions of Nashua Alderman and NH State Representative Jan Schmidt. For some reason, rather than just leave well enough alone, these leftists keep digging themselves into a deeper hole.

It’s unclear why but it’s also getting dangerous.

Gwen Mikailov, who is the Manager for the Greater Nashua League of Women Voters, according to her Facebook page, decided to get involved in the left-wing outrage but she took it a dangerous step further. From her Facebook page:

She clearly doesn’t like the fact that I was standing up to the ANTI-1st Amendment bullies so decided to post my LinkedIn page and then proceeded to say she doesn’t understand why I haven’t been doxxed yet:

Jan Schmidt’s husband Atlant took it a step further and took the information from one of my previous jobs and then proceeded to post information on how to contact them, thinking it is my current employer:

They both then posted the information again, elsewhere on Jan Schmidt’s page. NOTE: Jan, a Nashua Alderwoman and NH State Rep, never told them this behavior was inappropriate or unacceptable:

If you’re unclear what doxxing is:

On top of that, a discussion also occurred and when the topic came up about where I live, Mikailov decided to post the town I live in.  Matthew Murray is a hardcore union guy who runs NH Labor News. I have no idea who Dawn Roy is and I don’t ever actually recall Mikailov either but there she is, after already telling people I should be doxxed,  after posting my LinkedIn page, now telling people what town I live in. I wonder if she got it from a voter database, given where she works:

When I looked over at the League of Women Voters site, I found this interesting statement from them about their ‘vision, beliefs and intentions’:

Mikailov shouldn’t be trying to suppress voters, she should be trying to encourage them. And she certainly isn’t acting with integrity, especially if she got my information from a voter database that the League of Women Voters has access to.

What’s disturbing is why she would seek to have a woman doxxed. With all the lunatics out there, especially of the left-wing variety, why would you want to provide information that could actually get someone harmed? Why would you want someone to possibly be fired from their non-political job because they disagree with your ideology? Clearly, she isn’t happy that I exposed the behavior some of her Democrat buddies but to go as far as doxxing?

Why would anyone do that? Especially someone who has a job that is supposed to be supportive of women.

Mikailov, Schmidt and all the rest who support this egregious and dangerous behavior are what the Democrat Party has become – intolerant, hateful, harmful, vile, violent and wretched.

By they way: The Facebook page they are all so unhinged over? Even Facebook agrees it isn’t harassment or bullying: