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Let’s Give them a Graduation Ceremony

We’ve all heard the term, closure.  It refers to a psychological resolution to a problem or an issue that allows a person to “move past” that problem or issue.  We use various terms to show how closure is achieved: the “5 stages of grief”, complete recovery from alcoholism or drug dependency, etc.

Fainting Woman

Female Democrats Complain Over Being Treated….. EQUALLY

File this in the ‘you can’t make this stuff up’ folder folks. Female Democrat Representatives Jan Schmidt and Rosemarie Rung (two of the worst reps at the NH State House) are complaining for being treated….. seriously… not even kidding… EQUALLY. They apparently don’t like to be held accountable, as elected officials, for their votes, actions …

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FL School guardsman armed

One Brave Soul to Stand at the Ready

In a popular Nashua Facebook group last week, a member posted that there was a Black Lives Matter protest being planned for that evening and he warned “If you have a business on Main Street, prepare to defend it.”

Nashua City Hall Nepotism

Nepotism in the City of Nashua

The City of Nashua has a little known and unenforced anti-nepotism policy. It exists, presumably, to keep spouses and relatives out of the same departments and to prevent family members from managing family members. A policy to prevent or eliminate favoritism, and essential to ensure fair employment practices.

California dump mask fineJPG

This Meme About California Reminds me of Nashua and Jan Schmidt

First, it speaks to the idiocy of the Progressive Government. Petty and vindictive, with the promotion of things and actions we used to assign stigma to informally protect traditional society from “infections” that twist it into the Left’s own image. In this, I thought of Steve’s post on Jan Schmidt and Nashua.

Jan Schmidt – There is No Fine, and Nobody Will get Fined if they Just Wear the Blasted Mask

Jan Schmidt’s Social Media mumblings are the gift that keeps on giving. For example, Nashua instituted an ordinance as an emergency order (text and links here). It requires anyone going into buildings (offices, etc.) in the City to wear a mask over their nose and mouth. Jan says there is no fine, but then she …

Jan Schmidt – There is No Fine, and Nobody Will get Fined if they Just Wear the Blasted Mask Read More »