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NH Dems Lose Their Minds over a Facebook Page Holding an Elected Official Accountable


Jot this down in the column ‘you can’t make this lunacy up.’ A local activist in Nashua created a Facebook page to hold a local elected official accountable for her own words and actions.

The local official is extreme left-winger Jan Schmidt who is a Nashua Alderwoman as well as a New Hampshire House Representative.

The page only has a few posts, using Schmidt’s own words and articles about her but Democrats in New Hampshire have lost their minds over it. Somehow, holding an elected official accountable isn’t high on their ‘to do’ list, especially if said elected official is a Democrat.

Here is a screenshot of the page:


Here are a couple of the comments from Democrats, one happens to be none other than the chairman of the NH Democrat Party, Ray Buckley, and the other is one of the worst representatives in the NH House, Debra Altschiller, who clearly hates the First Amendment:



If you want to get a glimpse of what these Democrats are afraid of, feel free to peruse the MANY articles that have been written about Schmidt right here on the Grok. Often, they are articles using her own words from social media. The fact that they are literally losing their minds over this page says a lot about them, not the creator of the page. All elected officials should be held accountable for their own words and actions.

These leftists might have a point if untruths were being posted but that’s not what is being posted. It’s clear they don’t want people to know just how bad Schmidt really is when it comes to her treatment of constituents and her votes.

In my opinion, there should be a page like this for every elected official. One that simply posts articles about them and their own words on social media. You get a really good look at the type of person they are that way.