Constitutional State of Emergency: Couldn’t the Gov. Just Sign an EO and Make Vaccine Mandates and Passports “Illegal”? - Granite Grok

Constitutional State of Emergency: Couldn’t the Gov. Just Sign an EO and Make Vaccine Mandates and Passports “Illegal”?

Gov Chris Sununu

If it’s not a stretch to decide who’s business is essential, and whose is not, this seems like a no-brainer. Every citizen’s liberty is essential, so no vaccine passports or mandates. Just write it up and sign it.

Declare an Emergency Executive Exceptional order under a Constitutional state of emergency.

And we know that you know-how, Governor. And it is an emergency.

Refusing service or access based on biology is against the law in New Hampshire.

Age, sex, gender, being handicapped. These are all biological states of being, which, by the way, are clarifications we don’t even need because even you believe that biology is fluid and on a spectrum.

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It is against the law to discriminate in New Hampshire based not only on biology but an individual’s mental perception of their own biology.

If I can claim to be a woman, then a man, then something in between, and demand explicit rights and protections for that, I can claim anything, including that I’m vaccinated or not, or anywhere in between because mRNA inoculation alters the genetic code of cells. And no one wants to admit how or to what extent – biology be damned and full speed ahead!

I’m trans-vaccinated, and my preferred pronoun is Booster! And even if we ignored all that and followed New Hampshire law for gender claims, I don’t need to provide proof. Whatever state I am in, you must take me at my word.

A few other examples. Two men want to attend a concert, but the black man doesn’t have a card saying he’s got spike proteins festering all over his cells. The trend is he has fewer rights. He’s a second-class citizen.

If that’s not good enough, how about if the same two guys work at Dartmouth Hitchcock? At the end of September, the white guy keeps his job because the black guy isn’t vaccinated.

All because of the absence of a biological condition which, at present, affords him no more protection from the Rona than its absence.

But wait, there’s more!

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If an airline can refuse service, how about a landlord refusing a tenant? A hiring manager refusing a qualified applicant. This list has no end, and therein lay our problem.

As I noted here yesterday on Life with Liz, this isn’t about the COVID or the vaccine. The problem is the mandate and restrictive culture rising around them—the enhanced permission to constrain behavior.

Once you go down this road, there’s no going back, and what started as playing at public health becomes a serious business doing business as a despotism.

If you can phone and pen your way to allowing the long train of abuses and usurpations of the past year before you sign away those powers to prevent their perversion in the future (hint-hint), use whatever remorse you actually feel and EO us a little freedom.

Blocking vaccine passports and vaxx and mask mandates are but a small sample of the things you could set right if you were of a mind. The entire usurpation of liberty by government in contradiction to the constitution comes to mind.

Why not fix that?

It’s a bit more than you can probably chew but given that you’ve used emergency powers to take constitutional rights away, it only seems right, in the name of balance, to give some back.

And then, inspired as you’d be by such a display of leadership, you could agree to sign laws making those improved liberties permanent and then, finally, another law restraining the executive abuse of emergency orders in the future.

I’m not expecting any of that, but its continued absence most certainly constitutes a constitutional state of emergency from which we desperately need relief.