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omg Democrats prefer -Joe-Biden

Racist, Sexist Joe Biden

Some good news … for a change. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the Biden administration’s policy of prioritizing COVID spending to nonwhites and women:

Mike Pence

Hey Mike Pence … Shut Up, Go Away, Far Away, and Don’t Come Back

So … our FORMER Vice President … and last legitimately elected Vice President, although he would vehemently disagree with that … was in town to do what GOP-Establishment does best … TALK a big game. Pence was the featured speaker at the annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner hosted by the Hillsborough County Republicans in Manchester. “After …

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How Deadly is Covid?

Panning the Pandemic 

Shortly after World War II ended, every member of my New Hampshire family became aware of the threat posed by communism within the borders of two former allies: China and Russia.

Fauci Photo shop snake oil

By the Numbers – the COVID HOAX

This: And it has been a hoax on so many levels. It began with the LIE that COVID was exponentially more deadly than the flu, and that per the “models” our hospitals were going to be overwhelmed even if we “locked down” (that’s right; all the apocalyptic predictions for deaths and hospitalizations assumed lockdowns). The …

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COVID and Cross-Fit

This: And … the fact of the matter is … she is right. A recent CDC study found that nearly 80% of people hospitalized for COVID were overweight or obese. By closing gyms, Sununu and the other lockdown Governors were actually making matters worse.