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WHO – Positive PCR Test Does Not Mean You Have COVID19

As early as July of 2020 we could see that the PCR test to identify people as COVID19 positive was crap. By September, there were reports that it was likely wrong 9 times out of 10. Yesterday the World Health Organization announced that a positive PCR test is not proof of a positive result.

Mark Hayward

Mark Hayward Finally Publishes His Republican Hit-Piece

And after two condescending (and rather snotty) emails  (here and here) DEMANDING comments from legislators who went “naked faced” during outdoor Legislative meetings, Mark Hayward has published his rant.

America with chinese characteristics Flag

Sununu Family Linked to Chinese-Communist-Party Propaganda Effort

The National Pulse has published “a comprehensive list of all current and former elected U.S. officials who participated in sponsored trips to China on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party-tied China-United States Exchange Foundation.” John Sununu … former United States Senator, and brother of current Governor Chris Sununu … appears on the list. Perhaps there …

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Merrimack Mandates Masks in their Recycling Center – Why?

Neither medical masks nor cloth face coverings are designed to stop the spread of a flu virus. The few studies ginned up to give some credence to the claim that they can or will are outnumbered by dozens more that say no. So, why has my town’s recycling facility demanded you wear them?