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Since We’re Having an Election, Why Not Put an End to Socialism

2020 is an election year

In most election years the Democrats lie. They promise all manner of things in their attempt to buy votes. There are an endless array of government handouts, freebies and special interest priorities. We know it is bulls**t but we all wish Santa and the Easter Bunny would leave us something extra.

In a normal election year the Republican message is reactive. It is unoriginal. Its focus is simply to neutralize the Democrats’ false promises. The Republicans generally appear as unimaginative as they are feckless. The media steps into the void creating narratives as false as the Democrat promises.  Republicans go to a defensive position, rendering them Stockholm syndrome victims.

2020 is different… maybe it’s the street violence… who’s responsible for that?

But this year things are different. This year the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been before. We all know it. We can feel it. Something is in the air. Maybe it is the Leftist violence in the streets.

In 2020 the election is about protection. The American people need protection from the Democrat riots. We want an end to the looting, and violence. The Democrats all over the country are trying to defund our police departments. 2020 is literally about protecting our communities from Leftist political violence. It’s also about protecting our freedom, opportunities and prosperity.

We had nearly a decade of Democrat rule under Obama-Biden administration before we broke out. Obama-Biden was feckless internationally. The leadership was uninspiring. The results were economic stagnation, apathy and crushed national aspirations.

Since then the Leftists have taken control of the Democrat Party. They have spent the last three and a half years strengthening their strategy of division. Day after day, leftists under the Democrat label have sought to make the American people feel weak, unimportant and unexceptional.

We want to get back to prosperity and opportunity

2020 isn’t a normal election year. The American people are fed up. This election is about being inspired again. It’s about making America aspirational once again. It’s about believing. It is about greatness, benevolence, diversity and the strength of the greatest nation on earth. It’s about a great American revitalization.

The lines have never been more clearly drawn. 2020 is the battle between freedom and socialism. Will we have law and order or anarchy? Do we demand high quality education for our children or highly politicized education?

Will America be about protecting life or celebrating the destruction of life? What do we want; a patient/doctor focused healthcare system or a government micro-managed one? Do we want lower taxes or higher taxes?

Is it more important for you to have more money in your pocket or is it more important to send more to the government? Do we want equal justice for all or double standards for the favored elites? Do we want American strength or do we want American subservience?

The future

2020 is about protecting and preserving the American dream for generations to come. This election Americans are looking for leaders. We need people who can rival the greats of generations past to step forward. We need the he Kings, the Reagans, the Lincolns to emerge. There is a need for people who speak boldly, truthfully, and inspiringly about the nation.

We love America and can feel it slipping away. The virus taught many of us to be less trusting. We have leaders whom we thought could be trusted. They had the duty to protect us. When we verified we found many of them can no longer be relied upon. It is time for change in our Congressional delegation.

We need to elect Messner over Shaheen, Mowers over Pappas, and Negron over Kuster. It is time to vote for the New Hampshire advantage and against the drag of socialism. No one needs to come here to get socialism. People come to New Hampshire, they settle here and spend here… for the New Hampshire Advantage. That means low taxes and freedom.  Support success. End socialism.