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Taxes Pay For Civilization? No, Bruce, They Don’t!

I think that DCE over at Weekend Pundit has the right in regard to Bruce Currie’s constant wailing that “taxes pay for civilization.” Hardly.  What it really does is, and let me emphasize it, is that –


They Were Wrong. It Was Islam.

Islam came from Arabia. When it broke out of its shell in the desert the first place it went was to The Byzantine world. Byzantium was past its prime and well into decay. The Christians of the Byzantine recorded the event as an Arabic invasion. They were wrong. It was Islam.

Conformity or morality

Conformity or Morality … How Should We Think

Conflict with the Middle East has generated literature about the “clash of civilizations.” Ostensibly this would be between liberal western civilization and Islam in particular. The war on terror, plus mass emigration from the Middle East to Europe is adding urgency to the concern.

Why Is Remembering Important?

Why Is Remembering Important?

Remembering endows history with meaning and significance. George Berkeley wrote in about 1710, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Certainly, this is a philosophical thought experiment. It raises questions about observation and perception.