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CATO: NH Ranks #2 in the Nation for Economic Freedoms

CATO’s Freedom in the 50 States is out, and as usual, New Hampshire Ranks near the top. This year’s survey put the Granite State at number two for economic and social freedom, behind Florida, but notes that New Hampshire is the most improved state overall.

2020 is an election year

Since We’re Having an Election, Why Not Put an End to Socialism

In most election years the Democrats lie. They promise all manner of things in their attempt to buy votes. There are an endless array of government handouts, freebies and special interest priorities. We know it is bulls**t but we all wish Santa and the Easter Bunny would leave us something extra.

Flu d'etat

Blogline of the Day – nice turn of phrase

From Facebook, on Doris’s post “In Emergency Order #69, Sununu Packs the Public Health Ethics Committee” is this from Mary Anderson: 2020: Flu d’etat to Coup d’etat Too often, it does feel this way in that too many “people in charge” have seen a lifting of regular Constitutional Republic norms (e.g., “stay Constitutional”) and a …

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