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Black Lives Matter – BLM Leaders Saying what they Really Are

Pick a peaceful protest

When the real “peaceful protests” started to not be peaceful at all, and when you couldn’t tell the BLM rioters from the Antifa ones, we shouldn’t have been surprised. I try to take people at their word when they are saying something “important” (as opposed to noticeably just joking around).

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Too many people, however, didn’t take notice as to what the actual leaders behind the scenes were saying.

PragerU put some of those words into a short video.

I’m betting that most of our readers already knew about most of this.

For those of you that are new to GraniteGrok but have been watching the up to $2 billion in damage that has been caused by these rioters in over 220 locations across the US, what do you think their purpose really is?

How do they apply to The Rule of Law, the Right to Private Property, their thoughts on the voluntary economic system that is Capitalism (verses the mandatory Marxist/Communist/Socialist ones)?

How about the nuclear family, traditional values, and others?

Go ahead, spill your guts below. Your brutally honest comments, as always, are welcome.